Indoor Trampoline Park

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Capacity: 100-200
Features: Free Jumping Zone,Foam Pit Zone, Dodgeball Zone, Gymnastic Trampoline, Indoor Playground

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How to Start a Trampoline Park?

Trampoline park is "springing up" everything all over the world. Its popularity is like an inevitable trend as a new sports. If you plan to build your own trampoline park, start learning what it takes to open a trampoline park. So find a trustworthy trampoline park builder to help you.

Trampoline Park Supplier-Liben China Leading Indoor Trampoline Park Builder

Liben is a leading trampoline park Builder in China. We offer custom design and one-stop service for our clients to build their unique trampoline park.

China Trampoline Park Builder-Projects

Step One: Find the Location

Do some research and choose a suitable location where the young may gather, like commercial center, campus zone, sports center, etc. and the clear ceiling height of the building should be at least 5m.

China Trampoline Park Builder-Location

Step Two: Business Plan

It's not a small project to build a comprehensive trampoline park. Better that you have a team to work on a detailed business plan, for example, do market research, budget calculation, financing, etc.

China Trampoline Park Builder-Project

Step Three: Custom Design

Liben offers custom design according to our professional experience and client's requirements & preferences. Our trampoline park designs mainly inculde free jumping zone, dodgeball zone, slamdunk zone, foam pit zone, ninja course, cageball, etc, you name it.

China Trampoline Park Builder-Custom Design

Step Four: Ordering & Production

Once the design's confirmed, we move into the process of ordering. and we will start to arrange production after receving the deposit.

China Trampoline Park Builder-Production

Step Five: Shipping & Installation

Once production finished, we'll arrange shipping the products to you. For installation, if it's a large trampoline park, our professional installation engineer will be sent to work with your team.

China Trampoline Park Builder-Installation

Step Six: Grand Opening

Once installation and decoration done, you could launch a grand opening for your trampoline park. Get yourself ready for large amounts of players.

China Trampoline Park Builder-Opening

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